Sponsored Weekend Retreats

From Retiring to Eldering: A Movement of Grace

Rev. Jim Clarke, Ph.D., Director of New Evangelization, LA Archdiocese

This retreat is geared to those adults who are asking the deeper questions of life and seeking one’s purpose in the last third of their life.  We will explore new ways of expanding one’s experience of God and creating a spirituality that fits your life experience. Bring your journal, a bible, and a symbol of what you need to let go of and another symbol of what you want to become. *Note: this event may move to Zoom.

$160 – $250

God is Love: At the Heart of All Creation

Stephen Coffey, OSB Cam

This retreat is based on the latest work of Cistercian Abbot Thomas Keating, founder of Contemplative Outreach. We will view selected videos from his series God is Love: The Heart of All Creation. Themes to be explored include: Cosmology; Human Evolution; Christ, Evolution and All Creation; Into Unity Consciousness; and Surrendering to Love. *Note: this event may move to Zoom.

$160 – $250

A Sunrise of Wonder: A Contemplative Prayer Intensive

Fr. Martin Laird, OSA

The purpose of this retreat is to provide those who practice contemplation the time and space to deepen their practice (call it centering prayer, Christian meditation, the great Mindfulness - these labels do not go as deeply as we go). *Note: this event may move to Zoom.

$160 – $250

Principles Before Personalities

John McAndrew, MA, MDiv

Recovery is a journey of new awarenesses, acceptance, and action. This Weekend Retreat is for people whose lives have been affected by the family disease of Alcoholism/Addiction- singles, couples, all Fellowships welcome! *Note: this event may move to Zoom.

$160 – $250

Valentine Weekend Retreat for Couples

Rev. Jim Clarke, PhD, Director of Evangelization, LA Archdiocese

Marriage is a challenging call to give up oneself in order to become one with your partner. In doing so, you discover Christ. How does this work? What are the steps or tools that can aid this process? What hinders this lifelong endeavor? What is God asking of you in this sacrament?