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Centering Prayer Group

Greg Johnson & Herb Kaighan

*Remote Via Zoom. Centering Prayer is a practice to foster our relationship with God. It prepares us for the gift of contemplation.


God …as I Don’t Understand…! Steps 2 & 3

Herb Kaighan

*Remote Via Zoom* G.O.D. ~ This word is NOT the reality. It is the symbol for that which cannot be adequately named in human language. Our vocabulary is finite, which comes from our own limits as material beings. The reality we are attempting to name is, of It’s very NATURE, ...INFINITE ...without limit ...immaterial beginning end ... pure existence... It is! (if It is?) Part 6 of the Spirituality Series


Part 2 of the Path to Personal Freedom: 12 Steps Choice of Concept

Herb Kaighan

*Remote Via Zoom* Part 2 of the Path to Personal Freedom Series: 12 Steps: Choice of Concept; Step Two: An Experience of Choice about My Concept of Power / Being Led Through a Process of Making a Decision • About Power: Step Two: our own concept of a Power other than ourselves.

$10 – $100

Valentine’s Day! Couples Dinner & Celebration

Rev. Jim Clarke, Ph.D., Director of New Evangelization, LA Archdiocese

Valentine’s Day! Couples Dinner & Celebration ~ Remote Via Zoom with a special dinner to pick-up and serve in your home. Wouldn’t you love to spend an evening with your beloved to rekindle your love, revitalize your romance, and rejoice in the sacrament of your union? Celebrate your love with a dinner in your home and share a special renewal of your marriage vows led remotely by Fr. Jim Clarke.


Women’s ONLINE Recovery Retreat ~ SURPRISED BY LIFE!

John McAndrew, MA, MDiv

This year, I want our online retreat to be a Fundraiser for the Center; I'm donating my services and suggesting a $50/person donation to benefit Mary & Retreat Center. And, as this is strictly a donation, no one is excluded. You may join, and invite friends to join us, for free. However, in order to participate, you must register and provide an email address in order to receive the Zoom ID and passcode. ALL 12 STEP FELLOWSHIPS ARE WELCOME! Peace, John

Free – $50

The Wisdom of Angels

Lucia Galante Johnson, MS, FHD

*Remote Via Zoom* Come learn about the angels as Heavenly Messengers. This program will take a deeper look at the role angels play in helping humanity. We will start with a reflection and how to connect with the angels through prayer and our daily life. We will also discuss how angels have been revered by many cultures and religions including Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. Time will be reserved for guests to share miracles that have occurred in their life through the loving guidance of the angels.


Inventory: Resentments/Disturbance Step 4 – Part 1

Herb Kaighan

*Remote Via Zoom* This workshop will be a deep-dive into resentments ~ revealing our delusional beliefs (Column 3) and demented motives (Column 4). The 12 Step Methodology has the ability to uncover and dismantle those habits in us - many of them unconscious - that prevent us from being comfortable in our own skin. Part 7 of the Spirituality Series


Part 4 of the Path to Personal Freedom: 12 Steps Name Obstacles …Resentment

Herb Kaighan

*Remote Via Zoom* Part 4 of the Path to Personal Freedom Series: 12 Steps. Step Four: Moral Inventory | Resentments - Identification of the Obstacles in Us to Power
• Overview of the entire process; use of the model of survival instincts – fight, flight, freeze. • Precise instructions for Resentment analysis: Identifying “beliefs;” our “should(s)”. • Prayer for removal of deep resentments. • Taking 100% responsibility for our perceptions, feelings and our behavior.

$10 – $100

Introductory Wisdom School

Heather Ruce, SD, MA, SEP

This Introductory Wisdom School will use Cynthia Bourgeault’s e-course teachings to explore our three centers of intelligence, the Rule of St. Benedict, and the Wisdom tradition as the Way of the Heart so that we might show up in the world as more conscious planetary servants. Heather Ruce will facilitate the integration of Cynthia’s teachings and invite a ‘wisdom way of knowing’ through a daily rhythm of periods of video teaching from Cynthia, centering prayer, chanting, mindful work, mindful movement, sharing, and contemplative free time. Heather Ruce is a Wisdom focused spiritual director. She has studied extensively with Cynthia Bourgeault, and works with individuals and groups to awaken the Heart.

$300 – $475

Inventory: Fear, Sex, Dishonesty, Secrets Step 4 – Part 2

Herb Kaighan

*Remote Via Zoom* Are you interested in improving the quality of your life by identifying the sources of your suffering and eliminating these obstacles to the Sunlight of the Spirit? This workshop will focus on finding the obstacles in us that are blocking the Light: Fears, Sex, Secrets, Guilt and Shame. These unhealthy beliefs and habits are “cancers” - emotional and spiritual - and need to be surgically removed. You will learn and acquire tools to perform this “soul-surgery” and the process of permanent healing. Part 8 of the Spirituality Series


Peace and Comfort-The Art of the Quilt

Sydne Yanko-Jongbloed

Please join us and enjoy the "piece-ful" art of quilting. Learn to hand-piece, applique and quilt, making a quilt for yourself as well as being part of the group quilt donated to the Retreat Center.