Sponsored Day Retreats

Quarterly Series: Emotional Sobriety ~ 12 Core Principles

Allen Berger, PhD & Herb Kaighan

*Remote Via Zoom* 9th Workshop on Emotional Sobriety. Who should attend? ALL who are interested in improving their life; especially those in any 12 Step Fellowship. Dr. Berger and Herb K. will continue to explore the 12 Core Principles of Emotional Sobriety. This powerful experience will give each participant an opportunity to look at their current quality of life from a fresh perspective. Transformation creates a new attitude and experience towards ourselves, others and Reality. This workshop explores a template for emotional growth helping us: discern and manifest our true self, identify our internal obstacles that produce our suffering, live with balance, humility, vitality and JOY, be the determining force in our own lives and a positive force in our community. Honestly ask yourself: What is the source of my current suffering? Do I have balance? Do I have a quality life? Do I have a sense of personal value, purpose and meaning? Attendees will experience a process for: Identifying the obstacles to quality living. Regaining balance after having lost it. Discover the path to personal authentic freedom. Fostering your life of authentic and VIBRANT relationships.


Spirituality Series 2022: Application of Steps 8 & 9 ~ Dec 17

Herb Kaighan

*Remote Via Zoom* Spirituality Series 2022: FREEDOM is the key promise of the completion of Steps 8 & 9. Step 8 ~ Identify “harms”: 1. How did you diminish them? Not what you did… but what was the impact on them! What you did that diminished the quality of their lives? Which of these areas were affected? Physical; Emotional; Mental; Financial; Spiritual  2. What specifically can I do to balance the Justice scale? My change of behavior? My repair of damage? Step 9 ~ Willingness to address the damage to complete he Forgiveness Process: How do I prepare properly? How do I make amends to people I can’t find? How do I make effective amends to people I should not contact? or who don’t want contact with me? How do I make amends to dead people? What is the “Forgiveness Process”?


Quarterly Series: Emotional Sobriety ~ WHEN DISTURBED – Session 2

Allen Berger, PhD & Herb Kaighan

*Remote Via Zoom* Quarterly Workshop on Emotional Sobriety. This will be a continuation of the workshop on July 23rd. We will address SOURCES of emotional irritation and annoyance. In this four hour workshop Dr. Berger and Herb K. will continue to address the nature of “unmanageability”: Restless, Irritable, Discontented, Depression & Sadness, Tensions from negative thinking, Regret, Remorse, Grief, Guilt & Shame. Ask yourself: How do I get relief from my suffering? How can I have sufficient emotional balance? Can I really experience the promises and a life that flourishes? You will participate in a process for: Identifying the exact nature of obstacles in your “disturbances”; Taking ownership and responsibility for your happiness; Learn how to balance your emotional life.


Al Pozo con la Samaritana

Giovanni O. Perez Campos

La Samaritana le dijo: “el pozo es profundo…”
En esta mañana caminaremos junto con esta mujer de pueblo, que en la cotidianidad de ir por agua al pozo de sus antepasados, encontró una invitación para profundizar en su vida, y descubrir allí, ríos de agua viva. Los rituales sagrados, momentos de silencio, grupos de conversación y las enseñanzas cortas te brindarán la oportunidad de descubrir tu propia profundidad a la que Jesús te invita a entrar. Cualquier adulto que desee renovar su relación con Dios y consigo mismo, catequistas, y ministros de todo tipo, son bienvenidos.