Sponsored Day Retreats

Letting Go with Healthy Boundaries

Peter McGoey, MA LMFT

*Remote Via Zoom* This workshop will examine how families and individuals “stay stuck” in the addiction process . “Letting Go” in order to help with the healing process will be discussed. This will include a meditation practice. Anyone affected by addictions or any substance abuse is welcome.


A Retreat Day for Men

Rev. Jim Clarke, PhD

We all want to be healthy, whole and fulfilled men. How do we get to that place without hurting others in the process? What if the only thing getting in the way is you? This practical workshop for men will offer ways and means to heal yourself and lessen the pain of being human. *Note: this event may move to Zoom.


Healing Our World and Our Hearts

John McAndrew, MA, MDiv

The global Covid19 pandemic has affected everyone. Everyone felt its presence. Everyone reacted. Take time to pause to respond and heal our bodies and hearts and minds and souls. What does a healing response look like? Participants will be invited to take a thoughtful look at their daily prayer life.


Experience the Labyrinth

Sue Ballotti, Labyrinth Facilitator

This day workshop offers guided labyrinth walks, each featuring a different style of walk with a theme of landscape.  By paying attention to natural elements of the outer landscape we allow nature to renew and surprise us.  Explore inner landscape using silence, reflection, scripture, art, group activity and sharing. *Note: this event may move to Zoom.


A Caregiver’s Time for Self-care and Reflection

Dr. Edward M Smink, PhD

*Remote Via Zoom* Participants will be introduced to the archetypical dimensions of caregiving, focusing on the strengths as well as the pitfalls of caregiving, and learn the difference between compassion fatigue and compassion resilience and how a lack of self -care leads to compassion fatigue and burnout. This retreat is for caregivers, those in the healing arts, first responders, educators and parents.


Opening the Door to a Recovery Culture

Peter McGoey, MA LMFT

In the workshop we will discuss the dynamics of addiction in the home and workplace. We will discuss responses to inspire a “Recovery Culture”. These responses include communication skills, self-care and a meditation practice. *Note: this event may move to Zoom.


Ignatian Prayer ~ When Two or More Are Gathered

Fr. Randy Roche, SJ

Fr. Randy will guide participants in presentations, times for prayer, and reflections upon experience, using the Jesuit Constitutions for inspiration about applications of Ignatian Spirituality to groups of those who share a common mission.  Your group can be you and your spouse, your family ~ any gathering of two or more. *Note: this event may move to Zoom.


Centering Prayer: Exploring Meditation & Contemplation

Herb Kaighan

*Remote Via Zoom* Are Prayer and Meditation important to you? Do you have a daily practice? Are you confused about Prayer, Meditation, Mindfulness, Contemplation and Centering Prayer ~ what are they and how to do them? Would you like to learn about each of these through experience? Centering Prayer combines the best of all these practices of conscious contact with the “Mystery”.


For The Good of the Family Legacy: A Workshop for Couples and Singles

Dennis J. Branconier, MA

What are your hopes for your family after your own lifetime? Does your inheritance to loved ones speak of faith, hope and love? What do your children value? In what ways will you most effectively communicate your legacy intentions to them? Participants will gain a spiritual perspective leading to practical action while being guided to address these questions privately. *Note: this event may move to Zoom.


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