Sponsored Day Retreats

Along the Way: A Personal Pilgrim Walk

Sue Ballotti

Due to the COVID -19 pandemic we were unable to have our June 6th Along the Way annual pilgrim walking retreat. In response, we have made our annual walk an independent event to bring the Camino experience into our homes, families & neighborhoods. Due to the poor air quality in September we are extending our time to walk to November 7th! By signing up, you become a pilgrim on your own Camino to walk and reflect on your journey … and by signing up, you will support the Retreat Center.


Experience the Labyrinth

Sue Ballotti, Labyrinth Facilitator

This day workshop offers guided labyrinth walks, each featuring a different style of walk with a theme of landscape.  By paying attention to natural elements of the outer landscape we allow nature to renew and surprise us.  Explore inner landscape using silence, reflection, scripture, art, group activity and sharing. *Note: this event may move to Zoom.


Opening the Door to a Recovery Culture

Peter McGoey, MA LMFT

In the workshop we will discuss the dynamics of addiction in the home and workplace. We will discuss responses to inspire a “Recovery Culture”. These responses include communication skills, self-care and a meditation practice.


Ignatian Prayer ~ When Two or More Are Gathered

Fr. Randy Roche, SJ

Fr. Randy will guide participants in presentations, times for prayer, and reflections upon experience, using the Jesuit Constitutions for inspiration about applications of Ignatian Spirituality to groups of those who share a common mission.  Your group can be you and your spouse, your family ~ any gathering of two or more. *Note: this event may move to Zoom.


Centering Prayer: Practice of Conscious Contact

Herb Kaighan

*Remote Via Zoom* Centering Prayer combines the best of all these practices of conscious contact with the “Mystery”. Come experience a way of improving your relationship with “God” and fostering your spiritual life; improving your daily consciousness. Part 2 of the Spirituality Series

$25 – $200

For The Good of the Family Legacy

Dennis J. Branconier, MA

What are your hopes for your family after your own lifetime? Does your inheritance to loved ones speak of faith, hope and love? What do your children value? In what ways will you most effectively communicate your legacy intentions to them? Participants will gain a spiritual perspective leading to practical action while being guided to address these questions privately.


Sponsorship/Helping Others: Enlarging Compassion  Step 12

Herb Kaighan

*Remote Via Zoom* Learn about Sponsorship ~ what does a sponsor do? What is the role of a sponsor? Through working the steps as contained in the Big Book, with the guidance of a “Step Guide” Herb experienced a profound spiritual awakening. The path of improving consciousness and enlarging compassion produces optimal living.. Part 3 of the Spirituality Series


Forgiveness: A Decision to Release

Herb Kaighan

*Remote Via Zoom* Bill Wilson (cofounder of AA) discusses forgiveness - he calls it “letting go of resentment”. It’s not done to please others, but in the interest of freedom - theirs and ours. A life which includes deep resentment leads only to futility and unhappiness. Learn about the process of forgiveness, what it is and what it is not and how to release resentment. Part 4 of the Spirituality Series


Our Way of Living: In the Light 

Herb Kaighan

*Remote Via Zoom* This workshop will explore Steps 10, 11 & 12, discussing the purpose of each Step as the effective means of sustaining our transformation. We will learn the practical use of these Steps in fostering our own personal awakening and achieving & sustaining emotional balance and spiritual vitality. The path of improving consciousness & enlarging compassion produces optimal living. Part 5 of the Spirituality Series