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Weekend Retreats

To register for any of these events contact Marlene at (310) 377-4867 ext 234 or email Marlene.
Sanctuary: Creating Spaces to Rest, Renew & Live.
Rev. Terry Hershey
7:00pm Friday, November 22 to 1:30pm Sunday, November 24
This weekend retreat is an opportunity for sanctuary, care and presence in the moment.  Care of any kind—compassion, generosity, reconciliation, service, ministry, teaching, giving—begins with and is nourished by self-care. Or in the words of Charlie Parker, “If it ain’t in you it can’t come out of your horn.” Care begins with the power of pause. Care begins with the intentional choices we make about being present…passion, grace, play, laughter and wholeheartedness.
Cost: per person/shared $240; single $340; Commuter: $150
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Terry Hershey
Silent, Contemplative Retreat: Introduction to A Wisdom Way of Knowing: What the Christian Path Has to Offer 
Heather Ruce, SD, MA, SEP
7:00pm Friday, December 13 to 1:30pm Sunday, December 15

Join us as we explore Wisdom teachings and practices that engage three-centered (body, mind, heart) awareness, bringing about transformation to a truly different mode of perception and quality of being in the world. Heather Ruce is a Wisdom focused spiritual director. She has studied extensively with Cynthia Bourgeault, and works with individuals and groups to awaken the Heart. Check-in and dinner 4-6:30pm.
Cost: per person/shared $250; single $350; Commuter: $150
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Valentine Retreat for Couples in 2020
Making it Real: Deepening the Spirituality of Your Marriage
Rev. Jim Clarke, PhD, Director of Evangelization, LA Archdiocese
5:00pm Friday, February 14 to 1:30pm Sunday, February 16, 2020
Marriage is a challenging call to give up oneself in order to become one with your partner. In doing so, you discover Christ. How does this work? What are the steps or tools that can aid this process? What hinders this lifelong endeavor? What is God asking of you in this sacrament? This experiential retreat will seek to unpack this beautiful sacramental mystery of divine and human love. Please bring your wedding photo and a symbol of your faith. Fr. Jim has a background in the fields of spirituality, adult education, ritual, counseling and depth psychology, Fr. Jim is a knowledgeable and inspiring retreat leader.  
Cost per Couple for full weekend retreat including
Special Friday Mass & Dinner: $475
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Let it Be ~ A 12 Step Retreat for Women   
John McAndrew, MA, MDiv
7:00pm Friday, February 21 to 1:30pm Sunday, February 23, 2020

Join other women in recovery for a weekend of community and spiritual exploration as we consider how we develop emotional- and spiritual- sobriety utilizing the language of the heart. We'll look at how the 12 Steps help us to find balance and foster healthy relationships. Bring your Big Book- and a friend! John McAndrew is a counselor, musician, theologian, teacher, and poet in long-term recovery from the disease of addiction. Formerly Director of Spiritual Care at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, he currently resides in Arroyo Grande, CA, offering spiritual counseling and coaching for individual clients, as well as providing  Spiritual Care for Hospice patients. www.sensiblespirituality.org   
Cost per person/shared $250; single $350; commuter $160
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For more information or to register for these events contact Marlene at (310) 377-4867 x234 or email Marlene.
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