Ongoing Programs


Centering Prayer
with Greg Johnson &
Herb Kaighan

2nd & 4th Wednesdays
***Centering Prayer is meeting via Zoom ~ see Home for info.
Centering Prayer is a relationship with God and a discipline to foster that relationship. It is a movement beyond conversation to communion and union with God. It prepares us for the gift of contemplation. Centering Prayer is not meant to replace other kinds of prayer; rather it casts new light & depth of meaning on all types of prayer. Come and pray with us.
Cost: donation
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Dinner & a Movie
Appetizers 6:00pm; Dinner 6:30pm; Movie 7:30pm
Join us for an evening with friends, enjoying a dinner planned to reflect the movie of the evening. It's always something new! Bring your own beverage. Bring a friend. You don't have to cook or do dishes ~ just enjoy!
Cost: $20 per person
Wednesday Readers
Book Club
3rd Wednesday of each
month at 4:00pm
Meeting via Zoom ~ see Home for info.
For Dinner & A Movie or
Book Club ~ Call Sydne
at 310-377-4867 x258
for info or email here.
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Special Programs at Mary & Joseph

Opportunity Drawing ~
1st Prize Beautiful Handmade Quilt “East Meets West”
2nd Prize Vintage Fan Quilt
3rd Prize Weekend Retreat for 2 or a “Suite” Retreat for 2
(Value up to $300)
Suggested Donation for tickets: $5 each; 5 for $20; 15 for $50
This quilt takes its name from the stunning array of hand pieced fans. East & West come together in harmony and elegance -- the East in the richly detailed Asian themed fabric, and the West in the distinctly American pattern "Grandmother's Fan" style of quilting. Sensu, the Japanese word for fan, is a symbol of breath, change and spirit-moving. The Spirit flows even to the back of this quilt! It features Asian fabric won at the South Bay Quilt Guild Show and donated to the Mary & Joseph quilt group! Special Thanks to the Mary & Joseph Quilters

For more information email or call Jose Salas at 310.377.4867 x250
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