Retreat Staff:


Ichinotsubo-Ezzi, PhD

Spiritual Direction:

From time to time we
all feel the need for guidance, compassionate listening or help with discernment. A spiritual director is a companion on the journey who enables you to tune in to your deeper self and recognize the still, small voice of God within. Spiritual direction is available for individuals or couples on an on-going basis, meeting about once a month. We have several directors available. For information on spiritual direction contact Tammy at (310) 377-4867 ext 252 or email to Tammy.

Private Retreats:

“Come away… and rest a while” (Mk.6:31). One day or a few days of refreshment and renewal reinvigorates us, body, mind and spirit, so we can return to our lives with a new sense of God’s presence to focus and ground us. Individual spiritual direction is available to enhance your private retreat experience. For information on private retreats contact Sydne (310) 377-4867 ext 258 or email to Sydne.


Extended Retreats & Events

To register for these event contact Tammy at (310) 377-4867 ext 252 or email Tammy

19th Annotation Program
The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius:
A Retreat in Daily Life

ignatius 19th annotation The “Retreat in Daily Life” is given over 10 months. It involves 60-75 minutes of daily prayer, 15-30 minutes of journaling everyday, a weekly 1 hour meeting with an Exercises director, and attendance at a Faith Sharing Conference every 4-5 weeks. All Faith Sharing Conferences will be on Sundays from 2-4 pm. We will begin the journey together with a 1½ day orientation and conclude with a ½ day “Sending Off” retreat. We have directors available in Rancho Palos Verdes, Norwalk, San Gabriel Valley, and Santa Clarita.

Contact Tammy Ichinotsubo-Ezzi at (310) 377-4867, ext 252 or email to Tammy for the application form or download it from Here. Tammy will contact you for a follow-up discernment interview upon receipt of your application.
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