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Susie McNary Johnson

Susan McNary, PhD

Misty Jesse

Misty Jesse, PhD, DMin


Fr. Jim Clarke, PhD
Dir. of Evangelization
LA Archdiocese

Christine Aroney-Sine

Christine Aroney-Sine, MD

Deirdre Ni Chinneide

Deirdre Ni Chinneide

Rev. Joe Miller

Fr. Joe Miller, SVD

Laura Gormley


James Finley

Dr. James Finley, PhD

Herb Kaighan

Herb Kaighan,
Spiritual Direction

Pat Rico

Pat Rico

Day Retreats

The Enneagram: A Journey of Discovery and Enlightenment          
Susan McNary, PhD
Saturday, January 25, 9am to 4pm
Retreatants will learn the definitions of nine personality types and come to understand how each type focuses their attention in typical everyday life, in stressful situations and in times of personal growth. Dr. McNary is a Psychologist and Educator who worked with primarily children and their families since 1973. Dr. McNary is a Licensed Psychologist, Psy 5364, with the California Board of Psychology. Cost: $50 Lunch included
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Journey Through Grief with Sr. Laura Gormley, SSL
Saturday, January 25, 9am to 3pm
***This retreat has been re-scheduled to March 14***
A Journey through World Beliefs      
Misty Jesse, PhD, DMin
Director of Evangelization, St. John Fisher Church
Saturday, February 8, 9am to 4pm
In a global world, religious communities do not live in isolation from other religious communities. As seekers we are engaged in forging relationships with a diversity of religious life that permeates our cultural, social and political environment. This retreat provides an introduction to the world's major religions as they are practiced globally and will include the origins, teachings, devotional practices, institutions and cultural expressions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Native American, Judaism, Islam and Christianity. By gaining an understanding of these religions retreat participants will be able to identify similarities and differences of thought and practice helping them to develop skills necessary to engage in respectful and fruitful dialogue with other religions. Dr. Misty Jesse is the Director of Evangelization at St. John Fisher Church in RPV, CA. Cost: $50 Lunch included
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Valentine’s Day Couples Dinner & Celebration
Rev. Jim Clarke, PhD, Director of Evangelization, LA Archdiocese
Friday, February 14, 5 to 9pm

Wouldn’t you love to spend an evening with your beloved to rekindle your love, revitalize your romance, and rejoice in the sacrament of your union? Celebrate your love this Valentine’s Day with a dinner by candlelight, the sharing of Eucharist, and a very special renewal of your marriage vows. Please bring a wedding photo and a symbol of your faith.
Reservations are required. Cost Per Couple: $120
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A Gift of Wonder   
Christine Aroney-Sine, MD
Saturday, February 15, 10am to 4pm

Wonder is a beautiful gift from God. Awe-inspiring feelings can change our approach to life and to God. Yet most of us are awe-deprived. Listen, create, be inspired as we learn to re-wonder the world. Together, we will revitalize our relationship to our awe inspiring God. Join Christine, founder and facilitator for the popular contemplative blog godspacelight.com as she applies her unique skills to create new spiritual practices that draw us into greater intimacy with God. Bring your journal, your Bible and your imagination. Cost: $50 Lunch included
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A Celtic Christian Journey of the Heart
Deirdre Ni Chinneide
Sunday, March 1, 10am to 4pm

To journey through the Celtic world is to travel widely. The call to remember this ancient civilization, our ancestors, is to retrieve that which we have lost and longed for in these current times. Deirdre, visiting us from the Aran Islands, will guide and explore themes of soul loss, disconnection and the return home to the Spirit of God within. Celtic Christian Spirituality becomes our well-source, as we journey through life, death and renewal, our connection to nature, the redemption of love and the splendor of creation. There will be a strong element of personal reflective, meditation and prayer time both individually and in groups. Crossing the threshold through music, ritual, meditation and prayer, we are invited to the union of one note, the song of who we are and can be, singing and praising the gift and glory of creation. Deirdre Ni Chinneide is a trained psychotherapist, spiritual director and workshop facilitator. Deirdre divides her time between the Aran Islands and the mainland offering retreats, workshops and performances of spiritual music ~ www.celticpassage.com Cost: $50 Lunch included
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Beloved Lenten Journey
Fr. Joe Miller, SVD; Esther Delao
Saturday, March 7,  9am to 3pm

Looking for a pleasant, quiet, reflective “get-away”?  Come & treat yourself. Take “A Beloved Lenten Journey” to refresh mind, body and Spirit. Interactive presentations on Spirituality, Faith, Beatitudes and Spirit are enhanced by use of Religious Art and Symbols. Common prayer experiences include Stations of the Cross and Benediction. Enjoy! Our Life Blessings include: Father Joe Miller, SVD: Spiritual Formation, retreats, hospital chaplaincy and Mission Animation. Esther Delao: parent and grandparent, Spiritual Director, E.R. Nurse, Degreed Contemporary Religious Artist. Cost: $50 Lunch included
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***The retreat below has been re-scheduled from January 25***
Journey Through Grief with
Sr. Laura Gormley, SSL
Saturday, March 14, 9am to 3pm
The loss of a beloved spouse, parent or other relative, or close friend sends us on a journey of grief. On this journey we struggle with our hopes and fears, our longings and expectations, as we learn to accept our new way of being and move forward with our lives. We will explore ways that may help us along this path. Sr. Laura is a Sister of St. Louis. She has been trained and involved for many years in hospice and bereavement ministry and in leading retreats and spiritual direction. Cost: $50 Lunch included
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The Spiritual Dimensions of Healing Trauma                                     
James Finley, PhD      
Live, remote, silent Zoom retreat
Saturday March 21,  10am to 4pm

On television and other forms of mass media we are exposed to vivid images and stories of men, women and children having to endure life threatening & otherwise traumatizing experiences. These global images and stories can become all the disturbing if we ourselves or our loved ones and family members have been traumatized. In our time together we will explore how our spirituality can help us not to be disheartened and overwhelmed by the traumas great and small that can and sometimes do occur in our lives together as human beings on this earth. The following themes will be explored: 1) Singling the qualities we can cultivate within ourselves as we learn from God how to sink the taproot of our heart in in God’s presence, inspiring us and empowering us to be a healing presence in an all too often traumatized and traumatizing world. 2) Learning to cultivate a sense of empathy and tender hearted concern for all who are traumatized. 3) Learning to recognize and cultivate moments of spiritual awakening that can occur in the midst of trauma, helping us to catch fleeting glimpses of being strangely free from the tyranny of suffering the in the midst of suffering, helping us to be strangely free from the tyranny of death in the midst of death. 4) Learning to follow this healing path that has been marked for us by saints and sages down through the ages as the life, death and resurrection of Jesus unfolding in our lives day by day. 
James began his journey at the Abbey of Gethsemani in Kentucky, where Thomas Merton lived as a contemplative. He earned degrees from St. John’s College and Fuller Theological Seminary. He is currently a core faculty member at the Center for Action and Contemplation.
Cost: $65 Lunch included  
For overnight accommodations call ahead for details.
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12 Steps to Personal Transformation = Spiritual Awakening
Herb Kaighan, Spiritual Direction 
Saturday, March 28, 1 to 5pm

Attendees will experience the process for radical personal change in the way they think, feel and behave. You will identify sources of serial suffering and chronic unhappiness. Learn about resources and tools for healing and a life that flourishes.  Practice the skills and actions which establish and foster a sense of well-being and joy. This 12 Step process promises enlightenment for all who embrace and incorporate this Way of Life.
Herb’s journey includes: 7 years in Claretian seminary, a graduate education in psychology, 40 years in human resources consulting, certification as a Spiritual Director, 36 years of active participation in a 12 Step Fellowship and the publication of three books on spiritual awakening. He facilitates the bi-weekly practice of Centering Prayer at Mary & Joseph on the 2nd & 4th Wednesday of each month from 7:30-9:00pm. Find more information at www.herbk.com.
Cost: $45         
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Ongoing ~ Monthly

New! Prayer Sparks for Seniors  with Pat Rico
Second Thursday of each month beginning Jan 9, 2020  9-11am

Prayer Sparks for Seniors is a two-hour period of time (retreat) dedicated to rejuvenating the spiritual life of each participant.  Come and spend time praying, sharing and opening your hearts to the Holy Spirit, who will enlighten our hearts in the love and devotion to the Church, the Holy Eucharist, and the Blessed Virgin Mary. Themes and topics will evolve around the three pillars just listed, and will include scripture readings, guided prayer moments and time for sharing and reflecting. The only requirement will be an openness to the Holy Spirit! Participants are encouraged to bring a Bible and a rosary.
Pat Rico has been a Catholic educator and retreat leader for over 30 years. From this vast and varied experience of living in the Spirit, she has experienced and shared the Sparks of God's love with many diverse groups from young children, to teenagers, to adults and to Seniors. 
Cost: $15 each session ~ Register by phone or mail
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Women’s Spiritual Friendship Circle
Beginning Saturday, September 14, 2019, 10am-12pm
Second Saturday of each month through June 2020 
Spiritual Friendship Circles (SFC) gather to assist one another in an ongoing awareness of God in all parts of life. Using group spiritual direction we meet to share our faith journey in a safe and sacred space led by a rotating team of spiritual directors. SFC will meet once a month beginning on Saturday, September 14, 2019, then on the second Saturday of each month through June 2020. Cost: Donation
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For more information email or call Marlene at 310.377.4867 x234
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